About The Project

Un- : prefix: denoting the absence of a quality or state

Mask: noun: a respirator used to filter inhaled air; a manner or expression that hides one’s true character or feelings.

The project unMask delivers a figurative message in tandem to the literal meaning. Unimaginatively, the COVID-19 coronavirus has forced us to be placed behind masks for the safety of both ourselves and the larger community; The mandate of social distancing has brought us apart from people we know and care about, and phrases such as “times are bad” are muttered under our breaths as we see shifts in economic positions.

Additionally, unMask is beholden to its user to untether the veil with which one places between them and the world. To quote Kierkegaard: “Do you not know that there comes a midnight hour when every one has to throw off his mask?” – articulating that in human nature, one is often guilty of not being transparent with the world they face.

The exposition to the aforementioned motivation culminates in the impetus to display that we are:

As a plea to the reader, unMask presents an interaction to this project. Participation provides an avenue for expression towards the greater community an involvement signifying courage to face a newer tomorrow, a better and brighter future for all.

Upload a selfie without a mask, in any background you like, and see what result yields!! This project is developed in collaboration with NUS School of Computing, with special thanks to Professor Terence Sim and Sanjay Saha.



By submitting this source image, I, as a participant of the unMask activity for the HERE! Arts Carnival 2020 consent for National University of Singapore (NUS) through NUS Centre For the Arts (CFA) to convert the participant’s source image into facial template data, collect and/or use facial template data in order to administer the activity stated herein. The processed image will be publicly available on the unMask website.

To start, please select a group tag you would like to contribute your image to. Group tag timeline images are also used as part of the main timeline. If you wish to contribute only to the main timeline, please select No Group.

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Upload photo

Please submit a photograph/selfie with only one face in the middle. For the best results, the dotted line shown below must outline your face. Feel free to play around with different objects or colours in the background for interesting results!

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Your photo has been added to the timeline(s)! Thank you very much for your contribution to the artwork, your submission is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy the results our system has produced. Feel free to download the audio and use it as a custom mobile ringtone or the image to use as your new profile picture.

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Separately, please share the result with your friends! The link below is a direct link to your result within the timeline chosen. Let them know about the artwork, your thoughts and feelings, and ask them to join us! (If they haven’t already)

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Help Us!

Please take some time to help us with a study about your participation and reaction to the artwork. and stand a chance to win a Kinokuniya book voucher. Here’s a link to a short survey.